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Our brand strategy process embraces both a consultative and creative approach to examine need and deliver results. Comprehensive in nature, but rapid in delivery, our direct process includes the following basic tenets:



Examine >


Determine >


Execute >

Business Plan
Market Research

Primary Themes

Design & ID Development
Design Systems
Quality Assurance

Business Plan
The first step in the branding process is to understand a client's business strategy and short and long-term goals. This is accomplished through a thorough analysis of the business plan and by conducting a series of management interviews to fully comprehend the client's overall business objectives.

Understanding the competitive framework in which a company operates is critical in determining its unique selling proposition. Through the interview sessions, a communications audit of key competitor marketing efforts, and our knowledge of the financial services industry, we create parameters for positioning the organization within the marketplace.

Market Research
If a client has invested in broad-based market research or targeted perception audits, access to this information is extremely beneficial. Gleaning first-hand market insights from clients and prospects is an invaluable element in the overall branding process.

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