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Our Process

Our brand strategy process embraces both a consultative and creative approach to examine need and deliver results. Comprehensive in nature, but rapid in delivery, our direct process includes the following basic tenets:



Examine >


Determine >


Execute >

Business Plan
Market Research

Primary Themes

Design & ID Development
Design Systems
Quality Assurance

Through the dialogue and analysis that characterizes the examination period, a positioning is determined to differentiate a company within its competitive framework. At this point, critical branding elements are realized including naming and/or re-naming an entity and developing a positioning statement that concisely communicates the company’s business, mission and values.

Primary Themes/Key Messages
Primary themes are developed to express the company’s competitive advantage and are supported by key messages that serve as "proof points". Additional key messages can then be tailored and/or crafted for use with various target market sectors.

Throughout the fact-finding examination period, attention is paid to the tone and character of the client culture and how that should be expressed. Visual design and imagery is then created to communicate a forward-looking representation that supports long-term goals. Careful consideration is given to avoid imagery that is general, trite, overused and stereotypical.

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