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Our Process

Our brand strategy process embraces both a consultative and creative approach to examine need and deliver results. Comprehensive in nature, but rapid in delivery, our direct process includes the following basic tenets:



Examine >


Determine >


Execute >

Business Plan
Market Research

Primary Themes

Design & ID Development
Design Systems
Quality Assurance

Design & ID Development
Design is synchronistic to editorial content creating visual imagery that enhances strongly positioned messages. Based on client need, visual imagery may include the creation of a new logo and corporate identity system, or a reevaluation of an existing program. A variety of new concepts are created to provide the client with an assortment of treatments for their ultimate selection.

Design Systems
To ensure consistency that is critical to brand identity and recognition, design systems provide the necessary standards and templates from which marketing communications springboard. This includes brochureware, web site development, stationery systems, presentation systems, etc. Before final production of logo treatments and related communications systems, a thorough presentation is prepared and presented to the client for review, comment and approval.

Quality Assurance
Quality assurance and standards are essential across the entire branding process from design implementation to editorial development to establishing meaningful supplier relationships. Strict adherence to established communications standards are important in emphasizing company strengths and reiterating brand values.

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